We would like to welcome Colorado HealthOP to Mom's Lunches!


Colorado HealthOP is proud to partner with Mom’s Lunches to have healthy, fresh food delivered to our employees. Some of our employees order Mom’s Lunch every day and others order sporadically. Here’s what the leader of our workplace wellness program had to say. “During a busy work day, the quickest and easiest option for lunch is often full of calories, lacking nutrients and expensive. By offering a program like Mom’s Lunches, employees have access to a healthy and affordable meal.”

Colorado HealthOP is a nonprofit health insurance cooperative that is turning healthcare upside down! We are focused on people, not profits. As a member-driven CO-OP, our members help decide how our company is run. We work with our members to improve health and to reverse the spiraling costs of health insurance in Colorado. But we know health and wellness needs to start with us, which is why Mom’s Lunches is such a great fit with our wellness mission and initiatives.


Let Mom Make Your Lunch!

Tired of planning lunches for your work week, or being stuck with a high-calorie menu choice from your local restaurant? Let Mom's Lunches help you out with those things. We shop, prepare and deliver* freshly cooked healthy lunches daily to your place of business for less than you can buy a take out meal.

Originally created by nurses, for nurses all nutritional information is provided to you for each meal so you will have peace of mind knowing you are eating healthy. Additionally, those of you involved with a weight management plan can easily track what you are eating.

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